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Audubon Videoguide to Butterflies DVD Common and Endangered

There are 21 butterflies listed by the U.S. government as “”endangered,”" which means that they are in immediate danger of extinction. But you can see live video footage of 20 of these rare butterflies (plus four others that are listed as threatened or are candidates for listing) in their natural habitats in the Endangered section of the Audubon VideoGuide to Butterflies, and learn about their lifecycles, why they’re endangered, and their individual recovery plans. The VideoGuide also contains beautiful live footage and informative information about scores of the common butterflies that are found in fields and gardens all across North America. With a section on the lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly, including footage from its overwintering home in Michoacan, Mexico. From local butterflies that give so much pleasure to everyone, to the rarest of butterflies–few of which are ever seen by the general public, the Audubon VideoGuide is a beautiful and accessible way to learn about our environment and the natural world and appreciate these lovely animals. Written by Paul Opler, author of the Peterson Field Guides to Butterflies, and Jim Ebner, who traveled the country for many years to shoot the video footage of the endangered and threatened butterflies.

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  1. V. R. Hutter "v_rh" says:

    Wonderful documentary on butterflies This is a wonderful documentary for anyone interested in learning about butterflies. The videography is outstanding and the narration is informative with excellent footage of the life cycle of the butterfly and ways to differentiate the various butterflies you see in your yard as well as presenting butterflies you will probably never see. This would be helpful to the novice as well as someone wishing to improve their recognition of the different types of butterflies and their life cycles. This is a keeper.

  2. L. Kobernus "CRecology" says:

    A Rare View into the World of Endangered Butterflies This video is well crafted, and provides information on the rare and common butterflies of North America. It is a monumental work, as you can imagine, since it covers so many species over a wide swath of North America.It provides alot of information and video of rare butterflies that most people will never see in person. It is well made and inspiring, and it does a nice job of showing the distribution, habitats, key identification features, host and nectar plants, activity patterns, and threats to approximately two dozen species. The video also covers common butterfly species.The video is inspiring in that some species are doing well thanks to the Endangered Species Act and the people protecting them, yet somewhat sad, because some species are so limited in habitat, they may not survive for much longer.A great work!

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