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Attitudes Toward Butterflies in Past Eras? Authentic Butterfly Decor

Many of us like to include butterfly motifs in our home decor. Some hang framed butterflies on the walls. Others use butterfly patterned fabrics or needlework. Those things make our homes appealing to other butterfly lovers. In fact, most people like butterflies even if they do not know much about them.

If you have an old house that is furnished with period antiques, however, you may want to be sure your use of butterfly motifs is authentic, that you are using butterflies in a way that fits in with the era of your furniture and/or your house. One way to do that is to learn more about vintage interior decoration.

Certain ideas and images were more popular or less popular in different eras. One place to find out more about what kinds of images, motifs, and colors are most suitable for your home is Period Living magazine, which specializes in not only historical information about decor of various eras but also tips for achieving an authentic period look that is compatible with contemporary tastes and lifestyles.

If the house you are decorating is a summer residence or second home, you may also want to pick up rental advertising tips to learn how to attract renters who will respect your property and take care of it. A magazine that features articles on high-value properties with fine furniture and period decor can is a good place to find tips on, for example, how to make money from your second home.

As a butterfly lover, you probably know the best places in your area to watch butterflies, where there are nearby butterfly gardens open to visitors, and which butterflies frequent your area and your own garden. Sharing such information can make your rental home very attractive to butterfly lovers from other regions.

Meanwhile you can find out the best ways to incorporate your love of butterflies into your own decor. What could be better than that?


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