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A World Of Butterflies

Butterfly enthusiasts will delight in the 200 vivid images from across the globe, accompanied by informative and engaging text from preeminent writers in the field.

Product Features

  • Discover a world of fleeting beauty and pattern, captured in 245 breathtaking, full color close-ups by retired National Museum of Natural History naturalist/researcher, Kjell Sandved
  • Gorgeous on the coffee table, small enough for a field trip
  • Includes habitat, range and habits of each butterfly.
  • Hardcover, 432 pages. 6.125″ x 4.625″

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  1. M. Douglas says:

    transformations, be grateful Photography is simple and elegant, image is right faced page layout, text explanation of the image left face layout. This was purchased for it to be a gift. I believe it is high quality. The image definitions, colours, and natures detailed designs are clear to behold and appreciate. Better still if you are at that place in life for being able to learn and be grateful for the things we take for granted. Great for designers -from fashion through to structural engineers. Regardless of where you are at, it’s a stunning book to have on the coffee table or amongst your library

  2. Sofia Hernandez "Maddy, Eli & Joshy's Mom" says:

    Emerging slowly… graceful! Received this book as a birthday gift and I couldn’t be more happy! It is very thoughtful and gorgeous for the true butterfly lover in your life. Very compact with the beautiful jacket shown. It is a wonderful coffee table book and will surely get a lot of viewing time.My daughters love to glance during commercials and ask many questions. The images are truly breathtaking and there is information provided as to where you would see these beauties. On a typical page, you will find this info:*Information of the name and species and interesting little facts in a small paragraph.*Description: The colors, markings etc.*Habitat: Where they like to live or stay.*Range: Location; as in where in the world.*Wingspan: Self-explanatoryHighly recommend to butterfly and nature lovers in general!

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