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5 Stylish Ideas for a Butterfly Themed Wedding

Hosting a butterfly theme wedding can be fun and whimsical. Butterflies speak about the changes of life, of which marriage is obviously one. They are perfect for spring and summer weddings that need something different and a frilly or girly touch. Here are five great ways that you can incorporate the theme of butterflies into your wedding.

1. Start with the invitations. Your wedding theme should always start with your invitations. If you’re having a butterfly theme, choose appropriate colours, which can really be just about anything you want. Talk to an invitation printer about different invitations that can have butterflies on them. You might emboss a small butterfly silhouette on a traditional white invitation, or you can do something more dramatic with a series of butterflies watermarked on the back of your invitation or with an overlay of butterfly-printed vellum paper.

2. Move on to the dress. You probably don’t want to have butterflies all over your dress, since you’d most likely look like a kid. However, dresses with frilly edges, lace, and other small details can fit into your feminine butterfly theme well. If you’re really brave, have a few butterflies hand embroidered on your dress – around the hem, waistline, or neckline – in gold, silver, white, or pastel coloured threads.

3. Use butterfly wedding favours. There are all sorts of butterfly favours you can choose. You can have beautiful butterfly favour boxes, chocolates in a sheer white organza bag with personalised butterfly tag, or butterfly shaped bottle stoppers in a matching butterfly theme gift box. Lately, many brides have been using eco-friendly favours. You can get butterfly design plantable placecards with integrated seeds that your guest can take home to plant and will eventually turn into butterfly-friendly flowers and label them all for individual guests. As they grow, your guests will have plenty of butterflies to remember your wedding by.

4. Decorate with lots of butterflies. Luckily, butterflies make a great wedding decoration. Drape your entire venue in light coloured tulle, and then add in the butterflies. You can actually purchase large butterflies made from wire and netting, but you can also fashion your own from tissue paper or fabric, as well.

5. Release butterflies at your ceremony. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this can be a striking detail. You can actually order live butterflies online. Have them set up behind the place where you’ll take your vows, and release them all at once when the bridal kiss takes place. You may also order individually packaged butterflies that your guests can release rather than throwing rice, which can be truly beautiful at your butterfly themed wedding.

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