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Dames Rocket, beautiful sprays of pinkish purple flowers, fragrant at night, attract butterflies by day.

Dames Rocket

The beautiful, purple Dames Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) flower is native to Eurasia and belongs to the mustard family. The flowers are wonderfully fragrant at night. In the daytime, they attract butterflies.

Heavy fertilizer and moist, well-drained soil will help nurture this flower. It is easy to grow in sun or partial shade. It is wonderful in combination with Foxglove, Larkspur, Coreopsis, Clarkia, Baby Blue Eyes, California Poppy.

Other common name for it are Dame’s Rocket, Damask Violet, Dame’s Violet, Dames-wort, Dame’s Gilliflower, Night Scented Gilliflower, Queen’s Gilliflower, Rogue’s Gilliflower, Summer Lilac, Sweet Rocket, Mother-of-the-evening and, Winter Gilliflower.┬áThese seeds cannot be sold to customers in Colorado, Connecticut or Massachusetts!!

Type: Flower Color: purple
Cycle: Perennial
Origin: Introduced
Height: 30″
Germination Time: 20-30 days
Bloom Season: Spring

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