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10-String Fiberoptic Butterfly Strand

10-String Fiberoptic Butterfly Strand

Here is an Outstanding strand of Fiber Optic light by Creative Motion Industries – ten beautiful and oh so very colorful Butterflies. Delicate Fiber Optic strands have been woven throughout the intricate wings to add sparkle to your walls or window sills! Also, each one is lit from the inside as well so they really shine and would be fantastic for a child’s room or even for the patio! Each Butterfly is 2.75″ long with a 4″ wingspan. Hooks are attached to the base of each butterfly to make display even easier no matter where. The picture doesn’t do it justice as you cant capture how beautiful they are! The cords are 14 feet long with 10 Butterflies. Brand new in the

Sale Price:$8.40

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